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Welcome To Aircone Air Cooler Profile

We are leading evaporative based industrial air cooler manufacturer & supplier in Ahmedabad. Heat air and stale conjucted air is big problem and became obstacle between human comfort zone and productivity of work.

So solve this hardle evaporative air cooler best solution for it because give fresh and cooler air suck from outside, keep the heating zone in comfort zone. We make high efficient and quality evoapartive air cooler to natural way solve the problem, making a Eco friendly and environment keeping safe.

What is Industrial Air Cooler?

Industrial Air Cooler is specially manufactured to provide a cooling environment in the industrial area where the temperature is much lower than the average area in which humans live.When it is installed in an open entryway or window, air is attracted out and made to go through Cooling pads which are cooled by normal water. This procedure cools the hot air which will pass in the room. The new cool air going into the room flushes out the stale sight-seeing through the open entryways and windows.

Types of Industrial Air Cooler

Nowadays, there are lots of Industrial Air Cooler are available in the market. Some basic types of Air Coolers are as following:

  • Ductable Air Cooler
  • Ducting Air Cooler
  • Commercial Air Cooler
  • Portable Air Cooler
  • Why Industrial Air Cooler is required?

    The Industrial Air Cooler which is also called as Evaporative Air Cooler is required to make hot air into naturally cooled Air which is not at all harmful for humans. It helps Humans to maintain their body temperature which is getting hotter from industrial machineries, crowded environment etc. And it also helps to generate the work efficiency of workers

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